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04/05 Classes
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Note: for Chinese and Japanese language courses, please check the course offerings in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies. For Hindi and Punjabi, please check the course offerings in the Department of Religious Studies.

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FALL 2013

Core Classes
21, Hillis
Introduction to Buddhism
RGST 30A, Hillis
Introductory Tibetan
EACS/RGST 109A, Steavu-Balint
Orientalism and Religion
RGST 159A, Hillis
Introductory Sanskrit
CHIN/RGST 163A, Steavu-Balint
Sex, Drugs, and Meditation
RGST 212, Wallace
Seminar on Mongolian Buddhism


Core Classes
EACS 4A, Rambelli and Li
Introduction to East Asian Cultures (Premodern)
EACS/RGST 23, Steavu-Balint
Introduction to Chinese Buddhism
RG ST 30B, Hillis
Introductory Tibetan
RG ST 159B, Hillis
Introductory Sanskrit
RG ST 161B, Wallace
Buddhist Meditation Traditions
CHIN 266F/RG ST 266F, Steavu-Balint
Readings in Chinese Buddhism


Core Classes
RS 4, Wallace
Introduction to Buddhism
RS 30C, Hillis
Introductory Tibetan
RS 135C, Cabezon
Guided Reading in Tibetan Texts
RS 159C, Hillis
Introductory Sanskrit
RS 164C, Wallace
Buddhist Ethics
RS 159N, Wallace
Advanced Sanskrit
RS/EACS 171 , Rambelli
Local Buddhism
CHIN/RGST 163B, Steavu-Balint
Chinese Martial Arts through Film
RS 254C, Cabezon
Seminar on Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy
RS 271, Rambelli
Seminar on Local Buddhism

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