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Thank you for your interest in supporting The Buddhist Studies Program at UCSB. As a non-profit, educational institution, your donations to UCSB are tax-deductible. Please contact Jose Cabezon if you are interested in making a donation. We would be happy to guide you through the process.

The Program is especially Soliciting Funds in the Following Areas

Student Support
Our students are our greatest resource, and the financial support of students is our greatest priority. Students are in need of funding. Although the University and the Religious Studies Department fund some of our students, they simply do not have the resources to fully fund all of our deserving students, especially in these difficult financial times. Please consider setting up an endowment for
a fellowship or award in the name of a loved one, friend or mentor.
  • Academic-year fellowships and scholarships
  • Summer language study fellowships
  • Research fellowships that would allow graduate students to spend an extended period
    of time doing research toward their Masters thesis or doctoral dissertation
  • Academic prizes. We are seeking to create endowed awards to celebrate student
    excellence in all fields of Buddhist Studies
  • Scholarships for needy foreign students from Asian countries
    (especially China, Mongolia and Tibet)

Visiting Scholars UCSB’s Buddhist Studies Program already has a steady stream of scholars visiting the campus. Our guests give lectures and workshops to our students and to the local community. Help us to keep this important form of intellectual exchange alive, and to expand it in new and important ways. Your support can help us
  • To bring speakers to campus, and
  • To create postdoctoral research positions for new PhD’s.
  • We also have as a long-term goal the creation of an endowment to bring a visiting
    professor to campus for one quarter every year.

Courses Endowing a course insures that it is taught on a regular basis. In some instances it also provides advanced graduate students with opportunities to gain important teaching skills. We are seeking to endow individual courses. For example, the Bamboo Fund is currently used to fund the teaching of a course on Zen on an annual basis. If you would like to see one of our courses taught on a regular basis, please ask us about endowing a course.

Translations Many of our faculty and students are involved in translation projects. If you would like to support the ongoing translation of Buddhist texts, or would like to enter into conversations about commissioning a translation, please contact us.

Faculty Research The Buddhist Studies faculty is involved in a variety of important research initiatives. Contact the individual faculty member if you are interested in helping to fund their work.

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