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There are two tracks for Religious Studies majors choosing to emphasize Buddhist Studies as undergraduates:  A) those planning to continue on for a graduate degree in Buddhist Studies and B) those not necessarily planning to continue in Buddhist Studies at the graduate level, but seeking a broader awareness and knowledge of Buddhism as part of a general humanities degree program.  In addition to meeting the general requirements for the BA in Religious Studies, the standard undergraduate program in Buddhist Studies should include the following:
  • 1 lower division Buddhist Studies core course (A and B)
  • At least 4 upper division Buddhist Studies core courses dealing with at least two Asian regions: South and Southeast Asia, Tibet, China, and Japan (A and B)
  • At least 2 courses in other Asian religious traditions (non-core) based on consultation with the Buddhist Studies program advisor. (A and B)
  • For those planning to continue in Buddhist Studies at the graduate level, preparation will include at least two years study, or the equivalent, of one Buddhist canonical language: Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Chinese, or Japanese. (A)
  • It is highly recommended that A track students spend one academic year, preferably their junior year, studying at one of the Asian EAP centers or an equivalent.

LOWER DIVISION Buddhist Studies Core Courses
3, Staff
Introduction to Asian Religions
4, Staff
Introduction to Buddhism
21, Hillis
RGST 23/EALCS 23, Steavu-Balint
Chinese Buddhism
31, Cabezón
The Religions of Tibet
RGST 47/EALCS 47, Steavu-Balint
Introduction to Chinese Taoism

RGST 73, Rambelli

Introduction to Japanese Religion: Texts, Concepts, and Representations
RGST 74, Rambelli
The Western Discovery of Buddhism

UPPER DIVISION Buddhist Studies Core Courses
RGST 109A/EALCS 109A, Steavu-Balint
Orientalism and Religion
111A, Wallace
Religions of the Silk Road
111B, Wallace
Religions of Mongolia
120, Staff
Shugendo: Japanese Mountain Religion
159N, Wallace
Readings in Buddhist Tantric Texts
161B, Staff
Buddhist Meditation Traditions
161C, Wallace
Buddhist Tantric Traditions 
RGST 163A/EALCS 163A, Steavu-Balint
Sex, Drugs, and Meditation
RGST 163B/EALCS 163B, Steavu-Balint
Chinese Martial Arts through Film
RGST 163C/EALCS 163C, Steavu-Balint
Doctors and Diviners
164, Staff
Topics in Buddhist Studies
164A, Wallace
Buddhist Traditions of South Asia
164B, Staff
Buddhist Traditions of China
164C, Wallace 
Buddhist Ethics
The Flowering of Chinese Buddhism
Religion in Japanese Culture
171, Rambelli
Buddhism and Local Cults in Asia
171A-F, Cabezón
The Schools of Tibetan Buddhism
176, Rambelli
Buddhist Political Thought and Institutions
178, Rambelli
Buddhist Geography
179, Rambelli
Visual Culture of Buddhism
184A, Cabezón
The Practice of Tibetan Buddhism
184B, Cabezón
Tibetan Buddhist Thought
193B, Wallace
Religion and Healing in Global Perspective
202A, Wallace
Introductory Pali

Chinese 1-6
Mandarian Chinese
Chinese 101 A-C
Classical Chinese
166F, Powell
Religious Literature in Chinese: Buddhist Texts
Japanese 1-8
Modern Japanese
Japanese 101 A-C
Pre-Modern Japanese
30A-C, Hillis
Elementary Tibetan
30D-F, Hillis
Intermediate Tibetan
135, Cabezón
Readings in Tibetan Buddhist Texts
159A-C, Hillis
Elementary Sanskrit
159D-F, Hillis
Intermediate Sanskrit
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